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How to Detox correctly

Most of us have either heard of or have done a cleanse
or detox at some point in your life.
So what does a detox mean to you?  Is it Juicing?  Fasting? Or did you think when you had to get a colonoscopy that drinking the harsh laxatives cleaned you out good enough? Do you think you have to be sitting on a toilet for a weekend?  Juicing is great but are you really detoxifying? All those so called protein powders are made from Whey Protein and can cause alot of intestinal distress and usually have added sugars as well.  
Well.......  Those are all quick cleanses and can be dangerous!

Why should You Detoxify?

It is no secret that we live in a world of toxins.
Toxins are everywhere.  We are all bombarded by toxins everyday. Never before in human history have we been exposed to such high levels of toxins.   It's in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and in the products we put on our bodies.  We are ingesting pesticides, insecticides, GMO's, BPA's,(which are found in plastic bottles, bags, containers)  food coloring and additives, and heavy metals. And believe it or not, we ingest parasites.  The air  has chemicals not just from exhaust fumes but from chemicals we use for everyday cleaning, air fresheners, bug sprays, & big manufacturing plants.  Our health and beauty products have chemicals that are being absorbed through the skin and are causing hormone disruptions.  Therefore, on a daily basis, it is important for our bodies to breakdown these toxins and clear them out.  Our detoxification organs, such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin have a lot of work to do everyday.  If these organs have trouble removing the toxins then they are stored through out the body.

To accomplish the detoxification process, we need a variety of nutrients to support it.  If these nutrients are not available, the body will have a difficult time detoxifying.   When the detoxification process is slowed down, the toxins are not effectively eliminated and are  re-circulated  and then  held in our tissues, needing to be  taken care of later.  As more toxins enter the body, they are stored and do NOT get eliminated!  As, time goes on, they accumulate and eventually the cells are starved of nutrients. This then causes the energy factory of our cells,( the mitochondria,) to become impaired. 

Symptoms of Toxicity appear along with identifiable health issues such as:
*Gas & Bloating           
*Headaches or Migraines         *Inflammation
*Weight gain    *Fatigue
*Digestive  problems/including diarrhea or constipation
*Brain Fog   *Skin Rashes
*Joint and Muscle aches     *Poor Circulation

There are also Health Issues that are Related to Toxicity

*Arthritis       *Fibromyalgia
*Leaky Gut      *Chronic Fatigue
*Obesity    *Multiple chemical sensitivity

So How Does the Body Detoxify?
A good 80% of detoxification is done in the liver, which has the job of identifying these foreign substances and transforming them into something harmless and preparing them for elimination.  The liver accomplishes this by turning these harmful toxins into water soluble chemicals so they can be eliminated.  If the nutrients needed to eliminate the toxins are in low supply, the toxins re-circulate as new toxins that are sometimes more toxic than the original substance. We can also  have repeated exposures to toxins that add to our bodies total burden of toxic load.  This forces our immune and excretion systems to work hard to break down and eliminate these toxins.  It's important that we address this burden through deep-seated cleansing and through complex homeopathy, which is the only treatment that can go deep within the cells to release the bound toxins.   

Some of the other sources from which toxic disturbances can originate:
*Medications           *Drugs      *Smoking     *Smog    *Pollens
*Heavy Metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)
*Food additives            *Chemicals in our packaged foods   * Alcohol
*Trans Fats (fried foods, hydrogenated oils)

Failing to eliminate these toxins from the body can lead to systemic toxicity, which eventually results in damage to internal organs or tissues.  It can also lead to a compromised immune system that is unable to effectively fight more serious assaults to our health. 

Let me tell you a little about Homeopathy.
Traditionally, homeopathy is a system of healing that addresses not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional levels of health.  Using diluted, but potentized solutions of herbs and other natural substances, homeopathic formulas have been shown to have profound effects on the body without undue side effects.  Homeopathy also has the capacity to revitalize, strengthen, and detoxify any area of the body.  Any cleansing program should include homeopathic drainage and detoxification formulas that can help clean up the cells and allow vital nutrients to restore health to the body.  We always begin with the drainage formulas as they strengthen and support cleansing of the different organ systems. Effective drainage can prepare the body for deeper detoxification, as drainage formulas can help eliminate the surface toxins.  If adequate drainage does Not occur during a detox program, the released toxins may end up resettling in a new site, leading to the phenomenon what is referred to as the "Toxic Ping Pong Effect".  This occurs when the toxins are bounced around from one place to another without leaving the body.
The Detox 360 program supports the elimination organs with the use of physician formulated homeopathic drainage products.

This program is a slow cleanse.  The first week is all about preparing.  Starting slow and eliminating the unhealthy foods and getting used to the homeopathic drainage.
The second through fourth weeks puts you into the  full program.
You have ( 2 ) nutrient packed protein shakes a day which is the Clearvite-SF that has detoxifying herbs and  you are allowed healthy snacks between meals with a full dinner and a choice of chicken, turkey, or fish. The plan includes a variety of recipes and menus. You can eat or drink as you wish.  With your main meal being either your lunch or dinner.  The Omega Co3 comes in a creamy orange flavored solution that tastes great even the kids will love it!  You get 2 big bottles! The Nourish Greens gives you more nutrients and added detoxification.  The Metacrin-Dx is your supplement that is taken at every meal.  It has the nutrients that is needed to help support your body. Another part of the program is  Strengtia which is a probiotic that builds up the healthy bacteria in the digestive system. And finally the most important part of the program are the homeopathic drops which are taken 3 times a day.   There's 3 different homeopathics.  One for the liver, one for the kidney and one for the lymph drainage all to help to flush the deep seated toxins.

So you're probably asking how much does this all cost?. 
The program retails for $370 but, For a limited time  I'm offering this program at a huge discount which makes it only $200! In addition you will receive the $35 manual electronically for free. The 128 page manual includes the program structure along with menus and recipes.

Anytime is a great time to start a cleanse! 

Whether you want to get healthy or need to lose some weight or you might have some gut issues, don't wait! 

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