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I Have What?


Leaky gut syndrome is a rapidly growing condition that millions of people are struggling with and don’t even know it.  From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut syndrome only affects the digestive system but in reality it can lead to many other health conditions.
According to research, leaky gut could be the cause of your food allergies, low energy, joint pain, thyroid disease, autoimmune conditions and slow metabolism.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Think of the lining of your digestive tract like a net with extremely small holes in it that only allow specific substances to pass through.  Your gut lining works as a barrier keeping out bigger particles that can damage your system.
When someone has leaky gut (often referred to as increased intestinal permeability) the “net” in your digestive tract gets damaged, which causes even bigger holes to develop in your net, so things that normally can’t pass through, are now be able to. Some of the things that can now pass through include proteins like gluten, bad bacteria and undigested foods particles. Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your blood stream causing an immune reaction.1

Leaky Gut Symptoms and Progression

leaky gut cause graph dr axe
This leads to inflammation throughout your system and can cause symptoms, such as:
  • Bloating
  • Food sensitivities
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Skin issues like rosacea and acne
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight gain
  • Syndrome X
One of the biggest warning signs that you may have leaky gut can be that you’re experiencing multiple food sensitivities. Partially digested protein and fat can seep through your intestinal lining making their way into your bloodstream which will cause an allergic response.
This allergic response doesn’t mean you’ll break out in a rash all over your body, but it can lead to one of the symptoms I’ve mentioned above.  And, if left un-repaired can lead to more severe health issues like inflammatory bowel disease, IBS, arthritis, eczema,2 psoriasis,3 depression, anxiety, migraine headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue.
According to the Journal of Diabetes there is a strong body of evidence pointing to leaky gut as a major cause of autoimmune diseases including Type 1 Diabetes.
Another problem with leaky gut is that it can cause malabsorption of vital minerals and nutrients including zinciron and vitamin B12.

What Causes Leaky Gut?

There are 4 main causes of leaky gut which include:
  • Poor diet
  • Chronic stress
  • Toxin overload
  • Bacterial imbalance.5

The most common components of food that can damage your intestinal lining are the proteins found in un-sprouted grains, sugar, GMO’s, and conventional dairy.
The problem with unsprouted grains is they contain large amounts of nutrient blockers called phytates and lectins. Lectins are sugar-binding proteins that act as a natural defense system for plants that protect them from outside invaders like mold and parasites.
This is good news for plants but bad news for your body.
Your digestive lining is covered with sugar containing cells that help break down your food.  Lectins gravitate toward this area and when they attach to your digestive lining it damages your gut, causing inflammation.

Lectins and Foods that Cause Leaky Gut

Lectins are found in many foods, not just grains, and consumed in smaller amounts your body will do just fine with them. But foods that have large amounts of lectins like wheat, rice, spelt, and soy are more problematic.
Sprouting and fermenting grains reduces phytates and lectins, and makes these foods easier to digest.
GMO and hybridized foods tend to be the highest in lectins since they have been modified to fight off bugs.
Also, gluten containing grains will damage your intestinal lining causing leaky gut.  So while you are working to heal your system stay away from all grains especially ones that contain gluten like wheat.  Once your gut is healthy you can add back in grains that have been fermented and sprouted to eat occasionally.
Conventional cows milk is another food that can cause leaky gut. The component of dairy that will harm your gut is the protein A1 Casein.  Also, the pasteurization process will destroy vital enzymes making sugars like lactose very difficult to digest. For this reason, I only recommend buying dairy that is raw and from: A2 cows, goat’s, sheep, or buffalo.
Sugar is another substance that will wreak havoc on your digestive system.   Sugar will feed the growth of yeast, candida, and bad bacteria which will further damage your gut. Bad bacteria actually creates toxins called exotoxins that damage healthy cells and can eat a hole into your intestinal wall.
types of bacteria - leaky gut

Other Factors that Cause Leaky Gut

Chronic stress weakens your immune system over time which cripples your ability to fight off foreign invaders like bad bacteria and viruses leading to inflammation and leaky gut.  To reduce stress I recommend getting more sleep, schedule fun into your week, rest one day a week, meditate on scripture, and hang out with positive uplifting people.
Toxins. We come into contact with over 80,000 chemicals and toxins every single year but the worst offenders for causing leaky gut include antibiotics, pesticides, tap water, aspirin, and NSAIDS.  I recommend buying a high quality water filter to eliminate chlorine and fluoride and look to natural plant based herbs to reduce inflammation in your body.
Dysbiosis. Finally, one of the leading causes of leaky gut is a condition called dysbiosis, which means an imbalance between beneficial and harmful species of bacteria in your gut. For many, this imbalance can begin at birth because of a C-section or because the mother didn’t have a healthy gut herself. The overuse of prescription antibiotic drugs, tap water with chlorine and fluoride, and the lack of probiotic rich foods contribute to this imbalance of good and bad bacteria.

Leaky Gut and the Brain

leaky gut and the brain
Another topic is how leaky gut can affect the brain.  If you’ve ever seen a child with autism experience a mood swing, this can be caused by intestinal permeability. Gluten and Casein-Free Diet’s have proven effective for many children with autism because these proteins can leak through the gut and then recirculate and act on the brain similarly to an opioid drug.
This is also why leaky gut has been linked to other psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. So, in many cases, if you can heal the gut you can heal the brain.

The 4-Step Plan to Heal Leaky Gut

The good news is there’s a solution to healing leaky gut. There is a four step process that includes:
  1. REMOVE foods and factors that damage the gut

  2. REPLACE with healing foods

  3. REPAIR with specific supplements

  4. REBALANCE with probiotics

Remember, the top foods to remove that cause leaky gut are sugar, grains, conventional meat, conventional dairy and GMO foods.  The top toxic exposures to eliminate are tap water, pesticides, NSAIDS, and antibiotics but remember to always consult with your physician if he has prescribed these for you.


Also, consuming foods that have anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats are beneficial such as grass-fed beef, lamb, and wild caught fish like salmon.

Top 5 Supplements for Healing Leaky Gut

There are many supplements that support your digestive health but I believe the most beneficial are: L-Glutamine, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, Aloe Vera Juice, and Licorice Root.
#1 Probiotics are the most important supplement to take because it helps replenish good bacteria and crowds out bad bacteria.  I recommend getting probiotics in both food and supplement form. I see people all the time only follow part of the protocol in healing their gut by removing the damaging irritants. But the part they often leave out is re-inoculating their gut with beneficial bacteria that will keep bad bacteria at bay.
So load up on BOTH probiotic rich foods and take AT LEAST 50 billion units of probiotics daily from a high quality brand.
#2 Digestive enzymes (one or two capsules at the beginning of each meal) ensure that foods are fully digested, decreasing the chance that partially digested foods particles and proteins from damaging your gut wall.
#3 L-Glutamine is critical for any program designed to heal leaky gut.  Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is anti-inflammatory and necessary for the growth and repair of your intestinal lining.  L-glutamine acts a protector and coats your cell walls, acting as a repellent to irritants. Take 2-5 grams 2x daily.6
#4 Licorice Root (DGL) is an adaptogenic herb that helps balance cortisol levels and improves acid production in the stomach. DGL supports the body’s natural processes for maintaining the mucosal lining of the stomach and duodenum. This herb is especially beneficial if someone’s leaky gut is being caused by emotional stress. Take 500mg 2x daily.
#5 Quercetin has also been shown to improve gut barrier function by sealing the gut because it supports creation of tight junction proteins.  It also stabilizes mast cells and reduces the release of histamine which is common in food intolerance.  New studies have also shown it’s effectiveness in healing ulcerative colitis.  Take 500mg 3x daily with meals.
If you can follow the above protocol you are well on your way to healing your gut for good!
Enjoy even more information related to ‘4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease’ with the Signs and Symptoms to look out for.




100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice
Pure 100% Organic Aloe Vera Drink for Optimal Digestion and Renewal 
As Close as it Gets to Eating Fresh Aloe Right in the Field
AloePro is made from 100% organic inner leaf Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller), without added water or harmful additives and preservatives that are pervasive in almost every commercial aloe product. Renown for its healing properties, aloe is essential for any digestive restorative program, healing the body from the inside out. Aloe barbedensis is a gentle anti-inflammatory, clearing the body of pathogenic organisms, while providing rapid mucus membrane rejuvenation throughout the entire GI tract. 
AloePro Supports a Healthy Body with the Following:
  • Digestive Ailments: Leaky Gut, Gastritis, Ulcers, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Constipation, Diarrhea, Chron’s and Nausea
  • Skin Ailments: Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash and Dry Skin
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Joint and Ligament Degeneration
  • Low Immunity, especially in regards to bacteria and fungus

Key Benefits: 

  • Pure aloe (whole inner leaf - no added water), not pasteurized, preserved only with grapefruit seed extract and ascorbic acid
  • Rich in mannose, one of the 8 immune-promoting sugars
  • Promotes rapid mucus membrane rejuvenation throughout the urinary tract and intestinal tract; supports healthy mucus membranes everywhere in the body
  • The perfect complement to irritation of the joints as well
  • Taking aloe before your meals helps improve digestion
The Properties of Aloe
The expansive benefits of Aloe Vera, applied externally or taken internally, have been described in numerous scientific journals. Scientists have identified over 75 essential nutrients including natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and amino acids that act as active, immune-stimulating compounds in the body. The synergy of these complex nutrients is what has made aloe so famous throughout the centuries as premier support for the intestines, immune system and blood purification. Aloe is especially rich in acemannan, a mucopolysaccharide proven by research to stimulate the body’s macrophages to produce interferon and interleukin, which helps the immune system stop internal invaders. Macrophages are the deep cleansers of the immune system that can destroy small particles such as toxic chemicals and internal toxins.

However, it is not just the number of nutrients, but their instrinsic, harmonic balance that really counts. Aloe Vera gel (the inner leaf jelly) has a diverse mixture of complex phytonutrients that have immune-boosting and astringent properties in addition to natural coagulators, pain inhibitors, cell growth stimulators and scar inhibitors. Today the reputation of this remarkable plant continues to grow. Aloe Vera is used by millions of people around the world for both external and internal use, backed by worldwide scientific research.

No Dilution in Water
In the typical liquid aloe product, most of the liquid is not 100% aloe juice- in fact, most have been diluted with water. Often the total amount of actual aloe juice in the product is less than 10% - so are you paying a high price for aloe water? In contrast, our liquid aloe is 100% pure aloe juice with absolutely no added water. In addition, it contains no artificial flavoring, colorings, or any other toxic additives.

Aloe's Bitter Properties Help Improve Digestion
The bitterness of aloe vera helps stimulate bile production in the liver. Adequate bile is necessary for proper digestion- especially for fats and protein. Take a little aloe right before your meal to help boost your digestive function.


A Superior Formula for Daily Intestinal Cleansing
The Gut Body Connection
To achieve excellent health, the body’s digestive wastes must be eliminated on a regular basis. Dr. Bernard Jenson, a notable health researcher, calls the colon the “king organ” because it reigns over the entire body. If you do not have healthy bowel eliminations every day, the stagnant fecal waste can build up and be absorbed through the colon walls into your blood and then slowly poison the whole body. This is why health-minded doctors have said for centuries: “Death begins in the colon.”

Dr. Harvey Kellogg, a medical doctor from Battle Creek, Michigan, said that of the 22,000 operations he personally performed, he never found a single healthy colon. Even if you don’t have any pain or discomfort in the abdomen (the area of the colon), a stagnant, toxic colon can cause many symptoms you may not realize are coming from the colon, such as a pale, pasty complexion, acne, arthritis (joint pain), headaches, fatigue, insomnia, poor digestion, bad breath, gum and teeth disease, etc.

Even if you have cleaned up your act for the past few years (by eating a healthy, high fiber diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains), you may still have years worth of toxic accumulation. Many colons still retain the toxic sludge that is a by-product of the Standard American Diet (including meat, dairy, refined flour and sugar, fried foods, etc.).  Unbelievably, layers of decayed fecal matter and pockets of mucus can remain in the colon for a lifetime.

Intestinal Cleansing Made Easy

Cleanse Blend is a clinically-tested, whole body cleansing formula. It contains a complete, synergistic blend of grade 10, carefully harvested herbs from South America. Its unique carrier base, grade 10 psyllium husk powder, provides a gentle, soluble fiber that adds soft, almost fluffy bulk to stools. This helps clear out toxic colon pockets and move foul, stagnant waste matter from of the colon. In addition, its scrubbing action can help trap and pull away many years of encrusted toxic debris.

This unique formula is designed to thoroughly but gently cleanse the entire intestinal tract, promote healthy, normal bowel eliminations and thereby, aid in cleansing the entire body. Its proprietary herbal complex includes grade 10 marshmallow root, licorice root, bitter gourd melon, black walnut hulls, slippery elm, pumpkin seed powder and cascara sagrada. Start your journey to whole-body rejuvenation today by taking Cleanse Blend every day!
Important Note:  For this formula to work the best, drink a sufficient amount of water daily and enjoy a diet rich in plant-based, high fiber foods. Cleanse Blend is a fiber and will not move effectively through the colon without sufficient water intake. Make sure to drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of purified water everyday. If you drink coffee, add an extra 8 oz. of water per cup of coffee. If you do not drink enough water, you may actually begin to experience constipation.
Serving Size 1 tsp.
Amount of servings:  approx. 76
1 tsp. contains:

The Fiber Expert™ (2426mg) - Psyllium (husk) (Plantago ovata)
Botanica Cleanse™ (574mg) - Marshmallow (root)(Althaea off.), Licorice (root)(Glycyrrhiza glabra), Bitter Gourd (melon)(Momordica charantia), Black Walnut (hulls)(Juglans nigra), Slippery Elm (bark)(Ulmus fulva), Pumpkin (seed)(Curcurbita pepo), Cascara Sagrada (bark)

Other Ingredients: None


Immune-Boosting Fiber and Probiotic Intestinal Support 
Galactan™ is great tasting, fiber-rich nutrition from arabinogalactan (8 grams fiber/serving). Supports optimal immune system integrity, healthy, complete bowel eliminations and gastrointestinal health. Arabinogalactan acts as a food supply to friendly intestinal bacteria. Like the well-known fructooligosaccharides (FOS), arabinogalactan is considered a "prebiotic." The non-absorbed fiber is eagerly fermented by gut microflora, resulting in an elevated production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)—primarily butyrate, but also propionate.

SCFAs are critically important to the health of the colon and are the principal energy source (butyrate) for the colonic epithelial cells.  Prebiotics are helpful to prevent and treat intestinal conditions like diverticulosis, leaky-gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn's and ulcerative colitis.
Key Benefits: 
  • Restores the integrity of the gut – especially from Leaky Gut
  • Blocks lectin receptor sites, reducing tumors in the liver 
  • Aids in Conditions with Lower Killer T Cell Activity: Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Liver Disorders, Viral Hepatitis B and C, and MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 
  • Provides a Complete Bowel Evacuation by holding water in the bowel
  • Arabinogalactan is metabolized to butyrate, the ideal food for intestinal cells
  • Fiber-rich arabinogalactan enhances killer cell activity and promotes intestinal immunity
  • Supports beneficial GI microflora
Ideal Support for the Following:
  • Intestinal Cancer
  • Leaky Gut
  • Food Allergies
  • Skin Disorders
  • Candida
  • Antibiotic Use - therefore healthy bacteria dysfunction
  • Weak Immune System
2 tbsp. (1 serving) yields:

Arabinogalactan Extract 10g
Calories 36
Total Carbohydrate 9g

Dietary Fiber 8g
Sugars 9g
Other Ingredients: None (no toxic sweeteners, fillers or taste enhancers)

Violite™ Protected: Patent-pending dark violet-colored, #2 HDPE nontoxic plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs. Nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation.


 Muscle Growth & Recovery, Intestinal Repair and Craving Management
Glutamine is a common amino acid that is found in many protein containing foods. It is important for a large number of bodily functions, including the immune system, human growth hormone production, intestinal health, muscle recovery and protein synthesis.
     Key Benefits:
  • Amino acid support for reducing alcohol and sugar cravings
  • Rapidly facilitates healing and restores the health of the mucus membranes inside the colon
  • High dose glutamine is exceptional to repair gastrointestinal injury
  • Supports normal bowel movements; helps body overcome diarrhea
  • Inhibits protein breakdown which enhances muscle growth and improves athletic performance
  • Helps support human growth hormone production
  • Crucial for the regeneration of glutatione stores
Ideal Support for:
  • Leaky Gut and Food Allergies (prevents leakage into bloodstream)
  • Ulcers
  • Intestinal Damage or Failure, especially postsurgical
  • Alcohol Addictions
  • Severe Burns
  • Endotoxemia and septicemia
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation
  • Cachexia
  • HIV
  • Peptic Ulcers
  • Cardiac Ischemia
  • Pancreatitis
  • Low Birth Weight Infants
Muscle Recovery
Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid found in the skeletal muscle and is heavily metabolized under intense training conditions. Clinical studies reveal that glutamine supplementation can help support recovery after intense training by promoting energy repletion, maintaining a healthy immune system and maximizing your body's buffering capacity against acid build-up. Glutamine is in high demand throughout the body. 
Glutamine and the Immune System
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. Research shows that glutamine can help support your immune system by strengthening immunoglobulins, such as s-IgA, on your intestinal mucosal lining.

Secondly, glutamine can also help strengthen and increase the numbers of certain white blood cells, called lymphocytes. This also helps to support your immune system. Glutamine is considered an essential amino acid for mucosal and intestinal integrity during times of stress and during chronic illness.
Intestinal Repair
Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for healing leaky gut syndrome, because it is the preferred 'fuel' for the cells lining the mucosa of the small intestine (enterocytes). These cells have the ability to take up glutamine directly rather than waiting for it to be supplied through the blood. Glutamine is also required for the production of both intestinal mucus and Secretary Immunoglobulin Type A (SIgA).

As a result of these functions, a generous supply of glutamine will help repair and maintain a healthy small intestinal lining. These functions, as well as glutamine's ability to prevent translocation of bacteria from the gut to the bloodstream, have been established in a substantial number of clinical studies both in animals and in human patients with diseases involving impaired intestinal permeability.
Each capsule contains:
L-Glutamine (free form), derived from beneficial bacteria (not synthetic) 500mg

Other Ingredients:
100% solvent-free, excipient-free vegetable capsules. No magnesium stearate (a toxic excipient), corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, binders, glues or other toxic tagalongs as found in tablets and gelatin capsules. Store in a cool, dry place.

Violite™ Protected: Patent-pending dark violet-colored, #2 HDPE nontoxic plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs. Nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation.


Full Spectrum, Beneficial Intestinal Flora
Healthy Intestine, Digestion and Immune Function
Premier Probiotic Caps is a broad-spectrum, non-dairy probiotic culture which contains 12 different viable strains of beneficial flora to support all major groups of health-promoting intestinal bacteria. A unique process uses 92 different natural herbs and barks, cultured for 5 years to produce healthy, mature flora and highly bioavailable nutrients. This complex is certified 6.5 times stronger than an other lactic acid bacteria.

New Research on “Good” Intestinal Bacteria

Premier Probiotic Complex contains a full spectrum of living, beneficial bacteria. In clinical trials, it has a proven track record to help eliminate bad bacteria from the colon and remove toxins. It was shown to protect against the invasion of bacteria and viruses, including E. coli, 0-157, H. pylori and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcusaureus). Premier Probiotic Complex is the only probiotic containing the TH10 strain of friendly bacteria, specially developed by leading Japanese scientists. This formula received “The Best Product” award (1991) from the Japanese Dairy and Food Association and also the “International Best Alternative Medicine Gold Medal” (1998) at the World Congress and Exposition on Integrative Healing.

Healthy Intestines Mean a Healthy Body
The body functions as a complex bacterial ecosystem. Maintaining beneficial microbial balance throughout the gastrointestinal tract is vital to the stability of this ecosystem and essential to optimal health. The colon contains from 3 to 4 pounds of bacteria. Over 700 types of intestinal bacteria are harmful while only 20 types are beneficial.  To maintain good health, the colon needs a ratio of 85% health-promoting "good" bacteria to 15% or less harmful bacteria.  Toxemia (toxic blood) results from the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

Premier Probiotic Complex contains the most potent lactic acid bacteria as found in the gastrointestinal tract that can inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria and protect from toxicity. Over time, it can help increase a favorable ratio of beneficial bacteria over harmful ones. It is the world's premier probiotic able to rapidly help bring about favorable intestinal microbial balance.

Unmatched Probiotic Performance
Each capsule of Probiotic Complex contains 59,000,000 CFU of lactic acid bacteria with high amounts of four organic acids critical to enzyme synthesis and tissue repair. Conventional probiotics (dairy or vegetable origin) usually contain only one or two strains of good bacteria which promote only those strains of bacteria. They provide some help but are not capable of supporting all species of health-promoting bacteria for best health.

In contrast, Premier Probiotic Complex delivers 12 different strains of 100% live, beneficial lactic acid bacteria to support the best intestinal ecology. Many products use commercial milk solids as a base in their product. However, up to 80% of American dairy cattle are now infected with bovine leukemia, tuberculosis or downer cow syndrome. Using their dried milk as a base in probiotic products exposes consumers to risk of infection. In contrast, Premier Probiotic Complex is 100% free from dairy as well as toxic chemicals, and is 100% vegetarian source, including vegetable-source soft gels.

World-Class Multi-Probiotic Cultures
  • Powerful, broad-spectrum "good bacteria" for ideal intestinal ecology
  • 59,000,000 CFU lactic acid bacteria per capsule
  • Contains more than 12 different strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria
  • Unique Japanese process using 92 different natural herbs and barks, cultured for 5 years
  • Ideal for everyone, including infants
  • Highly biologically available source of 10 vitamins, 8 minerals and 18 amino acids
  • Certified as 6.25 times stronger than any other lactic acid bacteria
  • 3-year shelf life
  • Fully "live" raw nutrient concentrate; not freeze-dried
 Full Body Support
  • One of the finest products for beneficial bacterial reinnoculation
  • Suppresses the growth of harmful micro-organisms
  • Supports regular bowel movements; helps the body overcome diarrhea (often infection-based)
  • Delivers significant amounts of four organic acids critical to enzyme synthesis
  • Helps reduce free radical synthesis
Compare With Inferior Probioitcs
  • No hibernating flora with only 2 or 3 strains
  • Allergy-free; non-dairy based
  • No animal ingredients
  • Refrigeration recommended (not required)
Each capsule contains:
Proprietary blend (433 mg) of:
Natural flora and organic, non-dairy ingredients composed of : Wild fruits, seaweeds, vegetables, herbs, pure mountain spring water, 12 strains of live lactic acid bacteria: Bifidobacterium breve ss. breve, Bifidobacterium infantis ss. infantis, Bifidobacterium longum, Enterococcuws faecalis TH10, Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus casei ss casei, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobaccilus helveticus ss. jagurti, Lactobacillus plantarum, Streptococcus thermophilus.

8 Minerals

10 Vitamins
Folic Acid
Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12

18 Amino Acids
Aspartic acid
Glutamic acid


Other Ingredients: mountain spring water, safflower oil, beeswax, lecithin, and vegetable softgel (tapioca, processed from Manihot esculenta root, glycerin, carrageenan and caramel.) Contains trace amount of soy. Store in a cool, dry place.

Violite™ Protected:
Patent-pending dark violet-colored, #2 HDPE nontoxic plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs. Nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation. 

For more information contact Karen Johnson with
KJ Wellness Solutions @ 949-400-5455

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